Lisa Wickham

Lisa Wickham

Lisa Wickham teaches mindfulness in the private, medical and corporate sectors. As an RN, Lisa has extensive experience applying mindfulness to those with chronic illness and addiction recovery. She focuses heavily on the practices of Loving-Kindness and Self-Compassion with a special emphasis on kindness.



Lisa Wickham has practiced nursing for over 30 years including pediatric acute care hospitalization and outpatient allergy and asthma care. Hospitals are stressful environments. Within her nursing career, she came to realize that to be a nurse in a hospital is to be present – with your patient, with the chaos that might ensue around you, with staff, family members, visitors – with whatever is arising in the moment. That deep connection between stress and wellness that Lisa witnessed as a nurse led her to Duke Integrative Medicine and their Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Professionals training, as well as numerous graduate programs and retreats on mindfulness. Lisa now places her focus on teaching the value of mindful self-care, self-compassion, wellness and the power it has to change lives. Learning mindfulness at a deeper level has transformed her own life. Self-acceptance, compassion with healthy boundaries, emotional regulation and the ability to truly understand herself and reactivity has provided her with the awareness and opportunity to live her life with skillful response, kindness for self and others, joy and equanimity. Lisa has two adult children who she describes as being incredibly mindful. The positive impact that her mindfulness teachings have had on them she credits as the best thing that mindfulness has done in her life.