Bernice Moore

Bernice Moore

As an educator and mindfulness practitioner, Bernice Moore feels grateful for her unique life-journey allowing her to help individuals and groups transform challenges into opportunities as a guide--inquiring into what is true and essential for them.



Mindful living and compassionate service to others has been Bernice Moore's life-long focus. She feels present and sensitive to individuals' needs and potential, trusting the life-force working through her to bring out the highest good in others. She has studied under and practiced with renowned Buddhist masters in Theravada, Tibetan, and Zen traditions. Bernice has a PhD in Organizational Behavior and Systems working globally and locally as a consultant and educator. Bernice started practicing mindfulness in her 20s. She comes from a legacy of military service; her father was an officer in the US Army and was an adviser in Vietnam, she served in the USMC during the war in Vietnam, her brother was a helicopter pilot who was killed in Vietnam and Bernice's brother-in-law was severely wounded, nearly killed in combat. The pain of the Vietnam conflict and the loss of her brother drove Bernice to practice mindfulness to heal from the trauma of the war and from the pain of the loss of her brother. Looking back, Bernice is enormously grateful for her mindfulness practice, because without it, she does not know if she would have come through whole. Now Bernice feels she is enormously blessed by the peace of mind and joy that have become part of who she is through a steadfast and transformative practice of mindfulness. In her spare time, she loves playing the guitar and hanging out with her grandchildren.