Ninette Hupp
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Ninette Hupp

Having been passionate about experiential learning and informal mindfulness practice since early childhood, Ninette Hupp feels immensely grateful for years of training, personal practice and leading formal mindfulness practice with individuals, groups and organizations.



Ninette (LSW, LMSW) has over 10 years of training in Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT) and other mind/body interventions for high-stress environments, nervous system regulation and behavioral development. Over the past eight years, both online and in-person, she has shared stress management tools and mindfulness-based interventions in a variety of roles and contexts —corporations, healthcare, academia, retreats, group and individual work. The substance and depth of supporting others in this manner resonates with her both personally and professionally. She brings a passion for making a difference and a playful, compassionate spirit to her work. Ninette's prior years of experience in management consulting and leadership development, in combination with her graduate study of group and organizational development and clinical social work provides a uniquely comprehensive background for her work in mindfulness, wellbeing and stress management. In her own life, Mindfulness has had a tremendous impact on the way Ninette relates to herself, to others, to work and to stress. She has found that mindfulness has been a wonderful way to appreciate the choices available in each moment. She feels better able to compassionately find humor even in some challenging situations and appreciates the opportunity to further develop this lifelong practice. Ninette loves her husband, animals and nature, and going on vacations to places that are undisturbed.