Jim Austin

Jim Austin

Jim Austin teaches a variety of premium programs for eM Life including Metabolic Health in Small Bytes, Weight Balance for Life, Mindfulness at Work, Stress Less – Live More, QuitSmart Mindfully and Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR). You can also find Jim leading Mindful Dailies.



Jim Austin has been practicing mindfulness since 1975, almost his entire adult life. His practice has aided him in becoming more present and intimate with his own internal experience, which Jim feels has led to him making better life choices…more of the time. He also feels he is able to recover easier from those times when there have been setbacks, job or relationship stresses and personal failures. Jim manages an attention deficit condition, which he attributes to being possibly the main reason he was drawn to mindfulness practice in the first place! Mindfulness has been the most effective strategy for dealing with his attention deficit condition, better than any medication that he has tried. Jim also feels his mindfulness practice keeps things on an even keel and creates a sense of confidence in his ability to deal with and be resilient to the inevitable stresses of life. Jim loves playing all kinds of music with all kinds of people. His favorite instrument of the moment is the fiddle.