The Art of Mindful Eating

The Art of Mindful Eating

Eating is something that everyone has to do. Some of us look forward to it, some of us do it to cope with uncomfortable feelings, some of us if we had the option would take a food pill because we’re in such a rush to eat, while others have developed a healthy relationship to it over time. The fact remains, bringing mindfulness to eating can be an opportunity to reduce our stress, train our attention, help us cultivate appreciation and gratitude, give us awareness into what emotions drive our auto-pilot “snacking” behaviors, and therefore builds emotional intelligence. As we practice, we get back in touch with and build a stronger sense of choosing how we want to be at work and in the world in general. Mindfulness allows us to pop out of auto-pilot and make a choice to change. We can do this through mindful eating, the mindful check-in, or mindful yoga.

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