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Make Every Moment Matter with Vibe Tribes

with 1% of your day you can make a 100% impact for good
Join a Vibe Tribe to start impacting lives!
Create or Join a tribe. Amplify your vibe. Repeat.

Each minute of mindfulness you watch equals a minute of mindfulness donated to the organization of your choice.

What's a Vibe Tribe?

If you were ruler of the world for one moment, what purpose would you create? What intention for yourself and the community-at-large would you elevate to the highest potential? A Vibe Tribe is where you celebrate that purpose and put it into action. Whether you create or join a Tribe, we’ll help you amplify the Vibe. All Vibe Tribes have a purpose, and a charity beneficiary… and together we will help individuals and families in need to make a positive impact. Where you practice mindfulness can make a difference – in yourself, and in the world. Take your practice a step further… pay-it-forward. Build a connection that magnifies results.

How do Vibe Tribes Work?

Join an existing Vibe Tribe or create your own. Assign a charity beneficiary of your choice. Make it real by sharing your purpose with others – let us know what the world looks like at its best! Together you and your Tribers can practice in any of our live, interactive programs offered every day, multiple times per day. For every minute of mindfulness your Vibe Tribe practices, eMindful will make a donation to the Tribe’s charity, positively impacting thousands of lives.

Join a Vibe Tribe

Find an existing Tribe that speaks to you - browse by category, charity, or search for a purpose someone else create that you agree with and want to support.

Create a Vibe Tribe

Start a new Tribe that others can join and invite people who might share your vision for the world. You get to pick your Tribe's name, set your purpose, and select the charity it supports.