Mindfulness Skills to Help Beat Holiday Eating Stress
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Mindfulness Skills to Help Beat Holiday Eating Stress

The focus of this program is to learn and explore strategies and skills based on the principles of “mindfulness” for losing weight, maintaining weight loss,reducing health risks and generally to experience even more joy in your life. For many of us, the holidays are a challenging time of year to stay on track with weight loss goals. More frequent restaurant eating and social eating, special holiday foods and traditions, extra time pressure and stress that come with balancing work and social holiday commitments. And all of this can lead to less time for exercise. These are just a few of the barriers people experience to losing or maintaining weight loss during the holidays. While restaurant and social eating, holiday foods and increased stress can pose a challenge to weight loss, there are numerous mindfulness and behavioral strategies that can support managing stress, a balanced amount of eating, and maintaining mindfulness and other healthy habits that support weight loss.

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