The Connection

The Connection Magnifies Results

Make every moment matter for your life and the lives of others with The Connection

"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."
–Margaret J. Wheatley
Together we can amplify the power of purpose

For every minute of mindfulness you practice, we’ll match and donate a minute of mindfulness to the charity of your choice.

What is The Connection?

What is The Connection?

Connections bring the world together. When you connect with your purpose and put it into action you connect with yourself and others in more meaningful ways. The Connection allows you to find and fulfill your purpose by radiating the benefits of mindfulness and mental well-being —across the world and close to home. While you do good for you, you’ll also be doing good for people in need.

How The Connection Works

How The Connection Works

Build a connection that magnifies results. Through The Connection the more you connect with purpose and yourself by engaging in eM Life’s programs, the more you give back to others. For every minute of mindfulness you practice, we match and donate a minuteof eM Life’s live, interactive and on-demand programs to the charity of your choice for their members to use. Join a community that’s already started or create one that speaks to you to support the charity of your choice.

Start today and open a world of mindfulness for someone in need.

Explore Community

Find a community that matches your purpose and start donating Mindful Minutes today. Search by charity name, community name, or a cause that you care about. Come together and discover a community that shares your same purpose.

Start a Community

Are you an eM Life member with 500 Mindful Minutes or more? If so, you can create your own community and share all the benefits that you’ve experienced from mindfulness with the charity of your choice. Celebrate your purpose and create a sense of belonging for you and others.